The Los Angeles, Tijuana Metropolitan Area - LATMA

Population - 23,000,000

After the Fall, the U.S. split into 3 distinct areas of power based on economic and geographic lines. The Boston-Atlanta area coalesced into a gigantic sprawl of humanity. Oregon and Washington merged into the NWA ( North West Alliance ) and Los Angeles and San Diego interwove to become LATMA.

The area is a patchwork of bright and dark. Properous in places, derelict in others. It is a dark work where a priviliged few live in glass and chrome and experience all that technology can offer, and the rest live much as they always have - with drugs and simsense to ease the pain. Biker gangs roam the highways at night, or during the day in the badlands. Corporate security stands ready at the edges of the brightly lit 'BrightTowns' where the successful live or work. It is a struggle, a land where the strong do more than survive, they can have anything they want.

Welcome to southern california in the year 2020. Watch where you step.

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