This is my cat, Misty. She can't type, so I have to put this page up for her.

Scrawny Kitty

This is Misty just after I got her. She had been a stray, found in an apartment that someone else had moved out of already. She was quite pregnant, and gave birth to a litter of 4 on September 11, 2001. (yeah, that date) One of the kittens didn't survive, but the other three did, and were given to good homes. A friend of mine pleaded with me to adopt her, or else she would be destroyed. I relented, and took this scrawny little furball into my home.

Well-fed Kitty

As you can see, after a year, there is a lot more of Misty to go around. She doesn't meow loudly, but she does meow a lot, and can go into quite the tirade when I have left her alone for a few days. She is Queen of all she Surveys!


Oh no! She lost her feet! I don't think she's all that overweight. She just tends to floof out when she sits like this. On top of that, this picture was taken in the winter... lots of fur about. I know, I know, I need to vaccuum...

Kitty on Desk

See? Not nearly as pudgy in this pic. She likes to sit on things and just look around. One of the things she likes to sit on is me, and can be quite demanding about it. She's also quite demanding about her catnip... But she could quit anytime she wanted. Honest!