Where is this MUSH set?

The Los Angeles/Tijuana Metropolitan Area (LATMA) in Southern California. Included in this area is the San Onofre Radiation Zone (result of the meltdown of the San Onofre Nuclear Power Plant) and various parts of the mountains.

When is this MUSH set?

Beginning in the year 2020. The 'apocalypse' took place starting in 2000, with a partial trigger being Baba Yaga eating the Russian Premier on national television.

What is the theme?

Based on the White Wolf Game Studios series of Storyteller System games, (Vampire: the Masquerade, Werewolf: the Apocalypse, and Mage: the Ascension), DarkMetal encompasses the main character concepts from Vampire, Mage, and Werewolf. Wraith, the most recent addition, is not considered compatible enough with this mush's setup to be included. Due to the 'apocalypse' it is somewhat common knowledge that supernaturals exist - while the various secretive attempts of the groups are still in practice, this is more of a damage-control measure than an attempt to make the world once again forget.

What other things should I know?

- Cyber exists but is only usable by humans.

- Judging will be left in the hands of the players. Staff will be available to answer questions, but will only judge a situation in extreme circumstances. The 'GM' channel is available for questions and discussion concernining Game Mechanics.

- All Player Characters will be generated in Character Generation, using starting character points (but see: news wizard characters). Experience points will be awarded by player votes and spent according to the stock rules in the books.

- There are many useful commands in +help, and more useful information in 'news'.

How about laws?

There really isn't a government, so laws in and of themselves are a tricky area. There are security corporations that enforce a breed of laws (such as MetSec).

So what happens if I do something illegal and get caught?

The MetSec maintains, as one of its services, a prison facility in Death Valley. If you get caught (and survive being caught) you get thrown into the Death Valley Containment Zone where you can RolePlay being in prison with any other prisoners who happen to be there. :)

How about guns?

Weapons are available In Character, but you have to go out and find them.

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